Does the one hour teeth whitening kit work?

Does the one hour teeth whitening kit work?
I saw a one-hour teeth whitening kit at the grocery store and was wondering if it worked well. It was around $ 30-$ 50. It uses a light and you use it only one time for an hour. I don’t remember what it was called but I was wondering if this would work well. If anyone knows of any other good at home teeth whitening kits, let me know. Thanks!

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Answer by Devika P
I used to use the Crest Whitening strips and that really worked!! You should try that before the light thing, because it’s not as harsh I think. My teeth were very white for a long time. I have to use it again…now that you asked. 🙂

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  1. I would say no. It might lighten them a shade or less. Your dentist can make you custom mouth trays and give you professional strength bleach to use at home. It takes a couple weeks and costs maybe $ 250.00. I would not waste $ 50 on a miracle tooth whitener. If it really worked people wouldn’t be spending hundreds of dollars for professional teeth whitening.